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Powerful Business Solution
The importance of creating and using a digital marketing solution to support digital transformation and company growth
One Platform, for ALL SME
i-POS System (Clound Base)
Easy to use POS system with fully integrated function to Digital enable that all you need to start your business. A complete build in e-commerce platform with product inventory enable for retail business to selling online . This has open up a new horizon for business today.
Payment Gateway
Integrated with latest payment solution to create cashless society that is fast and effective to your business. Access to multiple payment option that are available for customer.
Account(Available Soon)
Easy mode accounting are available for user to manage their business. Fully integrated with POS , Inventory and payment without hassle. Easy to general Account reporting for user.
E-Commerce Store
A dedicated e-commerce store free for user, Personalise e-commerce design allow user to sell online anywhere and anytime.
Training Video
Business coaching course (available with fee apply) How to use SMEGO Pos operating system
Delivery & Tracking
Integrated with delivery and Realtime tracking as one stop solution for businesses
knowing your online audience or market share, AI Is Taking Brand Marketing to the Next Level. As AI begins to shape our daily lives, brands must consider how they shift their behaviours and interactions to meet customers' evolving expectations
Smarter Search
Personalize Customer Experience
Programmatic Advertising
Dynamic segmentation
Business decisions and predict
Digital Marketing
Image Search
Face Recognition
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